Neena Lester

Senior, Stratford High School

I got involved into the CTE program when I took a tour to Guthrie in 8th grade. As soon as I walked through the architecture classroom, I was immediately drawn in. The floor plans on the walls and desks, as well as the 3D models had me captivated. I knew from that point I wanted to enter into the program. I have been into art since I was a child, so finding a career path that would allow me to use my artistic side and still have an amazing future seemed like the perfect idea. After being in the architecture program for 3 years now, I can officially say that it was the best choice I’ve ever made. I’ve learned so much about architecture, how to fully design a building, start to finish, and I’m certified in programs that will help give me better opportunities for my future career.

I’ve even won an award! I placed in the top 5 – out of 100 people – in Texas for a shelter I designed. All of these things have brought me to where I am now, still trying to pursue this career. The architecture program, as well as all the other CTE programs, give students a better chance at making a name for themselves, whatever field they go into. With the bond, incoming students will have more access to industry technology and a better center to learn at. I’ve never been more prepared in my life for what lies ahead of me, and I’m sure it will be the same for those who come after me.