Kevin Sullivan


How did you get involved in CTE?
I got involved in CTE due to my love of computer systems and cybersecurity. When I was in middle school I found a passion for the inner workings of computer systems. This led to me building my own computer in 8th grade, and it only felt natural for me to take a class on computer maintenance. Thanks to Mr. Prelli in the computer maintenance class, I was able to get an A+ Certification, which allowed me to prove myself to companies and I was able to get a mentorship from Keith Frederick, Chief Information Security Officer of ViaSat and founder of SecureInfo. The next year I was able to get a job at ViaSat, a Fortune 1000 company, as a cyber analyst, a position where the average worker is forty-one years old.

Why should people support the 2022 Bond?
Thanks to my CTE experience, I was able to find my passion and get a running start ahead of other people getting into this field. If you support this bond, you can support students by providing them with not only education but experience that will allow them to get jobs in their industry long before other students. They will also be able to get certification that will help them to find better jobs and receive better pay than having just a degree in many industries. If you would like your students to truly make the most out of their high school education, then support CTE and support the Bond.