Bond Explained


The SBISD Board of Trustees voted UNANIMOUSLY to call for a $381.6M bond – a direct response to a commitment made out of the 2017 SBISD Bond to develop a world-class Career and Technical Education (CTE) program vision, featuring a state-of-the-art Career Center designed to emulate the industries of today and tomorrow and provide SBISD students with hands-on, real-world career experiences and certifications.

Legislation passed during the 86th state legislative session (adjourned in May 2019) resulted in the enactment of several laws that directly impact how school districts draft ballot and proposition language for their bond elections.

First, districts are now required to include specific language in each bond proposition to notify the voters that property taxes will increase in connection with the approval of the proposition. Second, districts must also consider whether the projects to be funded through a bond election are classified as what the Texas Education Code (“Code”) now refers to as “general purpose,” or as “special purpose,” projects, and then draft the ballot propositions accordingly.

The 2022 Spring Branch ISD Bond has two props.  VOTE FOR BOTH PROPS A & B!

Proposition A  $366,625,000 

Career and Technical Education – $290,300,000 

Facilities – $46,000,000 

Technology – $11,225,000 

Bond Plan Administration – $19,100,000 

Proposition B $14,975,000

Technology – $14,975,000